I'm a qualified cook with fine arts back ground




I solve problems through research, ideas, experimentation and application.


Qualified cook with fine arts degree, born and bread Londoner ;)

I was lucky to be involved with numerous projects at uni including; exhibiting in London and abroad. Involved in publications, spokesperson for a visiting arts debate group and part of Second Floor Studios and Arts after graduating where I enjoyed having a studio and exhibiting in their Open Studios. I also wrote a proposal and ran their arts cafe prior to starting my Tante Marie Intensive Le Cordon Bleu Diploma.

Marrying my arts and cookery interest I was hugely fortunate to gain a place in The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchens in Bray in their pastry area. Exciting project and development work, It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Since this I have been eager to work in creative roles where I can progress my experience in development, and breadth of work.

Some of the roles I have enjoyed and are most proud of include; Zucca, acclaimed Italian restaurant, The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchens in Bray, working under head chef Nico Rilla in East London, securing two days with Ruth Hinks, UK World Chocolate Master and writing a detailed proposal to manage a small arts cafe with very little experience, for a team of two hugely inspirational, genuine and hard working people. It is always amazing when you have roles that really resonate with you, and progress your course in an unimaginable way.

I am a keen runner and enjoy supporting charity work when and wherever I can. I also love to cycle too, and generally be outdoors - up and about, seeing and doing new things. I am currently training for my first half marathon for the National Autistic Society!

Here is some selected info about my background, but I'd love to send you my C.V if you would like to know more. Just get in touch!

Friendly, genuine and relaible with core values and beliefs. I am naturally pro-active, motivated and want to make an authentic difference using my past and present experience to build a positive future. I have a pretty killer silly streak too, baha.






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Some selected accolades


I printed my C.V onto acetate, rolled it into a scroll, tied it with red ribbon then sent it to The Fat Duck kitchens, I then got a place in their Experimental Kitchens internship working on a variety of different projects.

Awarded Employee of The Month for being an efficient team leader for my first catering position, 2012.

Spokesperson for Q-Art for our university in 2010.

Exhibited art work abroad in 2010 and varying places in London previously.

Worked within roles where I can develop ideas and create new items and dishes.

Had an idea for a cake published for a monthly subscription, which focuses on teaching accessible baking skills through recipe cards and delivered dry ingredients.

Other selected achievements within roles to include; ideas that have been used and being promoted. Please request C.V for details.